Repairing Other Shops' Mistakes

Beware of Discount Body Shops

A recent survey from the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) confirmed earlier surveys, and our personal experience as the Northwest's largest re-repair facility over the last 25 years, that 90% of repairs performed at insurance-preferred/contracted discount body shops are inferior and/or unsafe with many totaling out after the cost of re-repairing is factored in. 
"90% of vehicles were totaled after having an independent post-repair inspection. About 50% of the vehicles had significant frame damage."

We Represent Your Best Interest

Starting in the mid-1990’s, insurance companies began contracting with auto body shops that agreed to cut costs in exchange for referrals. This system is generically referred to as a Direct Repair Program (DRP).

Leif’s never participated in this system. We recognized that getting in bed with insurers would result in poor repairs and a bad reputation.

Leif’s offers a courtesy post-repair inspection and provides re-repair services to ensure your vehicle’s safety and to maintain its resale value after an accident.

Courtesy Post-Repair Inspections

If you choose to use an insurance-recommended body shop, we strongly recommend you have a post-repair inspection performed. It's free at Leif's and will alleviate any worries about your vehicle’s safety and resale value.

After the inspection, we will explain your options on re-repairing any issues or concerns from the first repair.