About Leif's

Our Story

Our founder, Leif Hansen, started Leif’s Auto Collision Center in 1991. With a professional background in customizing, repairing and restoring cars dating back to 1973, Mr. Hansen recognized that there was a market for high quality collision repairs. By applying custom and restoration levels of perfection to collision repair, Leif’s quickly grew from a small 2,000 sq ft. Portland shop on 70th & NE Glisan to its current 130,000 sq ft., 5-acre location in Tigard, Oregon. Currently, Leif’s is America’s largest independent body shop.
A black and white photo of Leif Hansen as a teenager working on a vehicle.
Leif working on his first car in 1972 (age 15).
A key fob is handed off from a car rental concierge to a driver in front of an orange car.

The Leif's Difference

Leif’s has carved out a niche in the industry, repairing vehicles to the highest industry standards and helping consumers navigate the complex auto collision claim process.

When we started, our approach to collision repairs, (transparency, pre-loss inside and out, factory parts, manufacturer’s specifications), quickly drew the wrath of the insurance industry. Insurers have historically maintained complete control of the auto body industry, black balling any shop that does not fall in line, dictating repairs and secretly contracting with body shops to cut costs by not repairing vehicles to pre-loss standards.