Before You File a Claim

Understanding Your Rights Will Insure You Recover 100% of Your Claim.

Insurance Companies use a variety of tools to avoid covering 100% of your claim:

When you file a claim, the insurance adjuster may encourage you to use their discounted shops. These shops prioritize cost over quality, cutting corners for referrals. At Leif's, we don't play that game. We're on your side, ensuring your vehicle's safety and value.

Oregon Revised Statues

Insurance Company Ratings

We’ve done the research to give you a one-stop resource for reviewing insurance companies so that you can make an informed decision when buying insurance. These ratings are based solely on Leif’s Auto Collision Center’s 33 years of professional experience and interactions with the top insurers, nationally and locally.

2024 Comparisons

Let Leif's Handle Your Claim.

We're on your side, not the insurance companies'.