Large insurance corporations have all the power. As consumers, we can’t stop the insurance abuses without bringing our voices together and using the power of the media, government and the courts to stop it.

Call me and tell me your story. Many times I can help directly. We can keep your name confidential if you wish, and use your experience to correlate with others and work with the government entities that can help. The media is on our side when the story is worthy of air or internet space, should you wish to share your story.

Across the USA brave individuals are using the law to stop the illegal practices of insurance companies through lawsuits. Every story of insurance abuse we receive helps these lawsuits stop them.

Insurance companies will do anything to keep their power. They spend millions of dollars each year to protect their illegal practices of underpaying claims. Even when they lose, they won’t change.

I have dedicated my life to help consumers recover 100% of their insurance claim. Help us help others to stop the abuse.

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