Insurance is a necessary part of our lives. So why is it that no one can read a medical claim denial bill or understand the language in a premium? Why can an insurance company drop you without explanation?

We are going to change this but we need your help. Below, read our Consumer Bill of Rights Legislation and then call me and tell me your insurance horror story. It is time to become empowered and take back control.

I have been dealing with insurance companies across the USA for over 25 years. I have helped consumers recover hundreds of millions of dollars for claims owed by insurers. I have watched the insurance companies develop complex premium and claims programs that are designed to stump even the brightest among us.

They have call centers that are unaccountable to anyone and lawyers that fight even the smallest case, scaring off the consumer attorneys that you need to get a claim paid. I see people just give up as walls are thrown up by insurance adjusters. Even the simple act of getting someone on the phone is an ordeal.

This needs to stop. In 2007 I helped pass a consumer protection law in Oregon. We are going to do it again. The Consumer Bill of Rights you see here is a fair, consumer-friendly bill that will bring fairness and equality to the relationship we all must enter into to function responsibly in today’s society.

We need your stories for legislators. Give us a call and tell us your medical, auto or any other insurance horror story. We will keep all names confidential if you desire. Help us equalize and bring fairness back to the playing field.

Draft legislation proposed for the 2019 Oregon Legislature.
Purchasing Insurance (full disclosure)
  1. Right to receive a copy of premium before buying.
  2. Right to see all contracts written or verbal with third-party vendors.
  3. Right to see a list of all policies in policy related to raising premium.
  4. Right to see a list of all policies in policy related to canceling premium.
Filing a Claim With an Insurance Company (full disclosure)
  1. Right to a insurance-paid neutral consumer board to provide a third party umpire.
  2. Right to dispute resolutions within 15 days unless both parties agree to waive this time.
  3. Right to read whole or partial claim denials in layman’s language.
  4. Right to read all reasons for a claim denial, whole or partial, within 5 days.
  5. Right to receive all consumer protection laws/rules as claimant within 48 hours of filing a claim and notify claimant at time of filing that this will be coming.
Insurance Company Raising or Canceling a Policy (full disclosure)
  1. Right to a list of all reasons why a policy premium is being raised in layman’s language.
  2. Right to a list of all reasons why policy is being canceled in layman’s language.
  3. Applicable to all consumer insurance types including Medical, Life, Auto, Home and Casualty.