portland auto collision repair

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No one expects that they will be in an accident. Even the best drivers can find themselves on the business end of a very messy financial and physical collision. Especially if you have never been in an accident before, navigating through all the paperwork, legal jargon and insurance calls can end up being a confusing experience with an undesirable outcome.

That’s why we have dedicated our business model to making your repair experience as easy as possible. From the moment you hear the crunch of metal and glass, Leif’s Portland auto collision repair center is here to guide you safely through to financial and physical safety.

Our collision team will handle all the details for you. We will set up your insurance claim, organize a tow and provide you with a rental car. Our customer service representatives will happily deal with messy insurance paperwork, so that you can focus on getting back into your normal routine. In addition, the Leif’s Portland auto collision center works with your budget and may even offer deductible assistance if it is necessary.

We have been rated as the most trusted choice for repairs in Portland, with a customer satisfaction rating of over 99%. Our commitment to our customers is vital to our success, so we offer all our collision customers complimentary loaner vehicles and future incentives on services like brake repair and transmission flushes.

Even though an accident is never expected, your repair job should meet your expectations perfectly. Trust your vehicle to Leif’s Portland auto collision repair center. We’ll make sure your car gets the best care possible at a price that keeps your financial future secure.