Mechanical Repair

The factory-trained ASE certified technicians at Leif’s provide a full complement of mechanical repair services. From electronic diagnostic testing to a complete engine overhaul, Leif’s can do it all.

While choosing who will perform mechanical repairs to your vehicle can be a difficult decision, the stability and reliability of Leif’s—with a 20-year history of dependability in the auto repair industry—makes the decision about where to turn an easy one.

Leif’s certified technicians ensure your vehicle will get the full service and attention it deserves during repairs both big and small. Additionally, Leif’s offers a 5-year warranty on all batteries we install.

The following are just some of the mechanical services by Leif’s:

  • Brake pads and shoes
  • ABS diagnostic and repair
  • Brake caliper repair
  • Steering and suspension
  • Alignment
  • Shocks and struts
  • Engine replacement
  • Engine overhaul
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and cooling
  • Transmission and clutch repair
  • Timing belts
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel injection system

  • They were absolutely amazing! Dean is my HERO!!! He really was on the ball and got things going quickly. Will use them in the future if I need them for anything. Everybody should go there!
    Cody A
  • These guys are awesome. Not only they do an excellent job their customer service is as good as it can get. Right from the first polite receptionist answering the phone right through to Dean and Meghan are extremely helpful and professional. They won me as a lifetime customer.
    Gregg S
  • Patrick took such great care of me and my car. Having repair work done at Leif's was probably the best experience having a car fixed that I have ever had. Car repair is such a bummer in the first place, having someone who is always bright and upbeat that you can trust to be honest about the level of work, the needed parts, and the overall price is a huge relief.

    Everyone there is happy and pleasant, from the receptionist to the service guys. They are all professional and quick, and they offer quality work that they stand behind. I would definitely take this car or our other car back to Leif's the next time I need repair work done.
    Matt G
  • I would recommend these guys in a heart beat! Came here just to get my oil change and they gave me the best service. Dean was very thorough and even told me what they would do the next time I came in, which was a tune up for my car reaching 100,000 miles. By the time I got comfortable reading magazines, and drinking my tea my car was ready. Im glad I found these guys!
    Bernadette M
  • Our 2012 VW Touraeg had been Leif's for two different repairs. One extensive and one minor. It looks perfect and you can't tell there was ever any damage. We recently had to take the car back in for third time due to paint chips and a little bubbling. Leif's fixed the problem and customer service was great. The first repair had snags and the Customer Service rep was horrible but I understand she no longer works there. But the repairs were great. The second repair went without a snag - Customer Service Rep was excellent. We are thoroughly pleased that there was not an issue with the 3rd repair (paint bubbling due to chips) under their warranty. They did a great job and had my car within day or two of when promised. Again, customer service was excellent. Thought of giving 4 stars due to poor customer service with first visit but because everything else has been great, 5 stars is appropriate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leif's. They do a great job.
    Becky Z