The sheer size of our facility allows us to hire specialists in a wide variety – paint, assembly, trimming and more. The complexities of current automobiles means the days of one person being able to do everything are gone. At Leif’s the size of our staff and expertise in each area mean your vehicle will get the best care in the business. Leif’s also has the best alignment machines, frame machines, frame equipment and paint booths in the Northwest. It’s an orchestra that’s unmatched in the Pacific Northwest; having specialists in each individual area using the best tools possible assures your repair will be done in the highest quality possible. At each stage of repairs, your vehicle will be handed off to a specialist that is second to none in that particular area.

“We spare no expense for quality,” Leif said. “The utmost importance is to have experts in each area of repair. And Leif’s is the only shop that has that.”

According to an independent survey in the 2000s, Leif’s is the number one choice for collision anywhere. With 20 times more customers than the average shop—18,000 served per year—Leif’s can handle any problem big or small, at an astonishingly high 97 percent customer satisfaction rate. Even insurance companies – whom Leif’s never caters to – agree that Leif’s is the highest in quality and he never wavers on principles. He has always and will always make his commitment to “make it right.”

Unless told otherwise by the customer, Leif’s is the ONLY body shop that will guarantee in writing to return a damaged vehicle to its pre-loss condition. At Leif’s, there are no hidden contracts or agreements with any insurance company that compromises the repairs—we don’t have any contracts with insurance companies while the same can’t be said about DRP shops.

Leif’s is the only body shop in Oregon that will go so far as to go to court for a customer who is fighting for their rights against underhanded practices of an insurance company. Leif has personally fought for customers in court and is the only body shop in Oregon to do so. He will continue to fight the good fight for the consumer against insurance companies. As Leif says, “I will not let an incoming insurance company slide on anything if it threatens the integrity of the repair.”

Leif’s is the largest re-repairer in the United States—he constantly takes on vehicles that were previously repaired by another shop and advises people that if they’re concerned about repairs they’ve had done elsewhere to bring it into Leif’s to have it inspected. Surveys find up to 90 percent of structurally damaged vehicle repaired at insurance controlled body shops are repaired inadequately or unsafe. We can also assist consumers with recovering for poor repairs.

By law, you have the right to have your car repaired to its pre-loss condition which means getting OEM (factory) parts put back onto your car. 95 percent of parts sold that aren’t manufacturer parts are inferior.

The wide variety of specialists, including ASE-certified trained technicians allows us to cater to problems both big and small.

In addition to having the biggest staff, Leif’s also uses the best equipment to fix cars—including Chief’s frame measuring system—the highest quality frame measuring system in the United States. If an auto body shop doesn’t care about this system, Leif’s advises not going to that shop.

Leif’s also uses spot welders—certified welding machines that duplicate factory welding. No matter the metal we work with, we have the tools to see that your car is rejuvenated to its pre-loss condition.

At Leif’s, we use Garmat heated, downdraft paint booths with environmental control to keep approximately 99 percent of particles from escaping into the atmosphere. Our commitment to the community and the environment means we comply with all current federal laws. The system also allows for a newly painted car to be ready for assembly in 40 minutes.

For cars cheap and expensive, we have you covered. We have a jig frame straining machine, specialty equipment used on Ferraris, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, Porsches and more.

We have a trained specialized team of experts that minutely go through your vehicle and diagnose ALL damage from an accident from primary to secondary; often in heavier accidents front end stuff will be smashed but what about a kink in the roof? Most shops miss this stuff.

We value the environment to such an extent that we spend thousands of dollars to divert car washing waters into a Washington County monitored sewer system so no habitat is affected. No other Oregon auto body shop complies with standards these high.

Leif’s also uses an HVLP paint – high volume low pressure – and his paint booths that trap 99% of all particles used in paintings of the car. The booths are $200,000 (Leif’s doesn’t spare money for quality) and adheres to the latest in federal regulations. The paint means 85% of the liquid adheres to the car; the majority of shops in Oregon don’t measure up to this quality. “We all have to do our part,” Leif said about air quality.

Our state of the art equipment and assembly-line specialists mean Leif’s is second to none in collision repair. Our 24/5 commitment means when performing similar repairs our experts will have your car finished 33 percent faster than other shops. It also means we’ll clean your car inside and out when performing a collision repair.

Leif’s flatbed tow truck has the ability to pick up your damaged car anywhere in Oregon & Washington.* The flatbed ensures your car will not be damaged en route to our centralized facility.

*Restrictions apply